Cassie and Vinnie have survived being kidnapped by evil monks, but they still must find a way to defeat them and to save their extended family of shape-shifters, witches, seers and other supernatural beings. From their new home in a 12th century Scottish castle they must make a plan while still discovering their many magical talents and sustaining their love relationships.Type your paragraph here.

Coming Soon - Believers, Book 5

The time has come for
 Cassie and Vinnie to 
become leaders of their 
new supernatural family
of shape-shifters, witches,
 fairies and other magical 
beings and time to deal
with the evil monks who
 have persecuted them for
 centuries, while learning
 about their new powers 
of time-travel and healing.

The Thomas twins are destined to rule over a very special people. Their new family has been persecuted for hundreds of years, captured, tortured and killed. Cassie and Vincent must find a way to save them. Their adventure starts in California but leads them to Scotland where they discover a world previously unknown to them, full of fairies and magic.


15 year old Cassandra Thomas lived her mother in a typically boring life in a small town in the Sierra Nevada. Her life changes dramatically when she meets and befriends Rusty, a beautiful long-haired golden retriever who eventually reveals himself as Jack when he changes into his human form. He is one of a group of people who are shapeshifters. The males can transform into dogs and the females into panther-sized cats. It is Jack who tells Cassie  that not only is she a changer, but she is  destined to become their savior/leader. What was once a boring life becomes anything but boring. After being reunited with her twin brother Vincent and her father who raised him, she meets 700 year-old Angus MacIntyre, the wise leader of these people. She learns of an order of monks who are determined to learn the secret to shapeshifting and will use whatever means necessary to get it. Within a few weeks she and her newly found family are whisked off to Scotland where she meets many more of her kind living together in the ancient Castle MacIntyre along with other magical beings, such as witches, fairies and seers.T


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Cassie and Vinnie travel through time to the Black Forest of Germany and discover elves and Hairy Beasts who live there. Their adventures continue in Iceland as they search for the elusive Yeti. Family and friend relationships are tested along the way. The challenges they face propel the twins to greater maturity.