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Mama Crush and her Kittens

Second book in the Benjamin to the Rescue series. Benjamin finds a newborn litter of kittens and sees them safely to a foster home. When Mama Crush meets the kittens the unexpected happens and a new Animal Rescue begins.

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Little Yellow Puppy

The Little Yellow PuppyFirst in the Benjamin to the Rescue series,this new children’s book is about an unwanted and unloved puppy, because he is blind. The little yellow puppy is dumped on the street to fend for himself. His adventure will capture your heart as he finds his way to his fur-ever home! 

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Three Lost Pups

Fourth book in the Benjamin to the Rescue series. Three pups are lost from their homes, but they find each other. An animal rescue group finds them and they find their forever families.

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4th and 5th books in the Benjamin to the Rescue Series,

Benjamin and the Christmas Puppy

Ciera the Burping Cat

Ciera is a beautiful kitten, but she has a secret that is very embarrassing. Find out what happens when the other kittens discover the secret

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Benjamin's Best Bully Buddy

Third book in the Benjamin to the Rescue series. Benjamin's best buddy, Romeo, is sad because people are afraid of him. Nothing works to cheer Romeo up until Benjamin gets an idea!!.

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Fresh Air Friends

A new children’s book all about the dangers of secondhand smoke.
Hop along with Fresca and Fresco frogs as they learn about fresh air and stinky air. Together with their old friend Foochie the skunk and their new friends, Jasper and Clara they visit Dr. Gesundheit to learn about the dangers of second-hand smoke. Dr. Gesundheit helps the Fresh Air Friends to discover what they can do to keep themselves safe from second-hand smoke.

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Also available;

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 *Education Pack, over 30 activity sheets and              curriculum for the Pre-K to 3rd grade classroom. ...............Perfect for Red Ribbon Week!
​*Fresh Air Friends coloring book

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